The Hunger Games has tormented me into thinking I need to run more

I’m a bit on edge today, I keep flinching at irregular noises, which are actually normal noises like the elevator dinging, doors opening and people’s voices when they’re speaking to me. I really need to get some sleep tonight, since Sunday night I’ve been up late reading.

Every time my supervisor says something to me I wished I could glare at her and the fire from a thousand suns would reduce her to a pile of dust. I think that is just a general feeling I have but today it’s intensified.

Now that I’m all tired I like to think my brain is overworked and can’t put up that wall of logic that stops the crazy thoughts from coming out. The logical part of my brain is like the shield in Star Wars Episode 1 that the Gunguns start up to keep the bullets out when the evasion starts to get a bit heavy in Naboo but then the droids realize they just need to blow up the main power source and the whole thing vanishes. Such pretty colours. My main power source is definitely a good nights’ sleep and since I have deprived myself of that my mind is devoid of logic at this point.

I read The Hunger Games last week and finished the 3rd book by Monday night, it’s a pretty overwhelming story to be honest and I’m kind of sorry I read it so quickly but it was almost impossible to put it down. I asked Sean’s sister when it would be too lame for me to linger in the teen fiction section for good books to read, “like how old is too old?”. Cassie stared at me like I was an idiot and said “never, this is such a broad genre now that it’s hardly fair to continue to call it ‘teen fiction’.”

Relief. I don’t want to start reading books about how a woman comes to terms with her divorce just yet. Actually, I don’t want to read about that at all.

These ‘teen’ books encourage my imagination to take me out of the real world for a while. Unfortunately my emotional immaturity forces me to stay in that world and cry when the protagonist cries and I cling to every aspect of it until I finish the acknowledgements.
Whenever I read something a bit intense I have to read something with a lighter story line afterwards to remind myself I’m not in a forest plotting how to kill 23 other tributes. As luck would have it the Jaclyn Moriarty book I had ordered two weeks ago came in on Tuesday so that’s what I was finishing last night.
Now I’m wrecked, physically and emotionally. It has been said before (usually by me) that I’m too emotional for my own good. Usually I laugh it off when I think about how I was devestated at the end of Gilmore Girls when I watched the series final for the first time, like, ‘oh silly me for getting so caught up in a TV show’. Books are different though, for me at least. I don’t know how to explain it without sounding like I belong in a mental institution. Words paint more of a world for me than a directors vision can.

I think I should start putting more energy into the physical side of life instead of the emotional side. Then I might be a more stable person. Yes that sounds about right. I should be studying physcology! (please forgive my spelling errors, I am beyond caring!) So I will start running next week. I use to love to run! It required no skill other than to keep going! So deep…

On a quick side note, I’m very proud of my friend Callyn today, I can’t go into too much detail because my ego likes to think too many people read my blog but I am as proud of her like that time I was when we were rollerblading out of the back of her house and she finally let go of the washing basket on wheels, pushed herself freely into the air before her and realized that she does in fact have balance. Kudos to you my stumbling, bumbling friend, I’m glad you are taking steps to let go of the washing basket. I’m bordering on cranky now. I think I will go home tonight and watch a bunch of The Office, such an awesome show but it won’t keep my brain up until 1.00am so that is the appeal!!

I apologise if you’re still reading this waiting for the good part. There is no good part. Maybe I’ll include something cute. Look a puppy! Maybe I’ll include a photo of Callyn too since she has been mentioned. That’s us just before Birds of Tokyo came on stage, we were right at the front and Callyn was clearly impressed with how tanned she is. I was impressed too, hence my expression.




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