I should probably buy my ticket to soundwave so I can at least say i’ve seen Mark & Tom in the fleshy flesh flesh!

Remember a few post ago when I was super excited about Blink 182’s album coming out soon? Well, out it came and purchase I did! I told myself I already liked it and then I listened to it and wanted to cry a bit. That probably has something to do with my being a young lady, stereotypically we cry all of the time.
The truth is, I don’t like the album that much and I feel guilty for not supporting the album like a true fan.
How would Callyn feel if she got a new haircut and I was like “ugh! what do you call this?” she would feel horrible!
Then she would punch me in the stomach and feel okay again but Blink 182 cannot punch me in the stomach because they don’t know who I am and Travis won’t get on a plane which leads me to believe they’ll never come back to Australia.
At least Tom is coming to AUS though, for Soundwave. However, I haven’t actually purchased on of AAA album so maybe i’ll be disappointed again. I did download it once but I deleted all of my downloaded music so I would have to physically buy the music as my way of apologising to the music industry for downloading since I was…14? Maybe? I don’t know, whenever it was that Daniel taught me to download.

I remember I downloaded every episode of Sailor Moon and it wasn’t dubbed. Gaaaah it took so long! I didn’t delete it though because I felt bad for wasting my computers time (and my parents internet bill) (actually I didn’t think about that but I think about it now and I feel bad). Then my computer started to get sick so Daniel made me delete things or he would just erase my hard drive when I wasn’t there. Which taught me a valuable lesson, Daniel can be heartless at times.

But I digress… Have I grown out of Blink? Does this mean I’m capable of growing out of other things I supposedly love?


Okay so that being said, I started writing this before I had a coke after lunch and now it’s ten to five and I’ve forgotten my point so lets see how much I can ramble for ten minutes.
*Please note said rambling may be off topic but I’ll try to stick to the original I answered my own question just now anyways.

I thought to myself “lisa, you are looking fine today girl, I love that you’re wearing that sleeveless top even though it’s fucking freezing in reception every day but kudos to you for ignoring that! The goose bumps really go with your shoes! Anyways, if Always came on the radio when you got home would you turn that shit up and dance while making your spaghetti?”

To which I said “Thanks brain, I thought this top might be a bit thin in here, and I was right! Lesson learnt. Learned? Leanted it is. Yes, I totally would dance to any blink 182 song that came on the radio at any given time!” My brain says in reply “Well there you go! It doesn’t matter that you don’t like this album very much, you don’t need to feel guilty for hyping yourself up about it. You know what you should feel guilty about? Hyping yourself up about the special features on Star Wars bluray, *laughs* what a fucking disappointment that shit was!”

Hey look at that it’s 4.59!


November 10, 2011. Uncategorized.

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