I read Tomorrow When The War Began, so I think I can handle a surprise invasion

So recently I’ve been a bit distant with my writing, oh yeah sure it’s still all direct thoughts from my mind onto page without processing how weird and wonderful it all is. But I got a little bit freaked out when I saw that when I posted my blogs I would get quite a few views. Which is stupid because I specifically post these things on my facebook FOR PEOPLE TO VIEW THEM! I am not used to people actually reading/listening to the crap I have to say I suppose.

So I thought; should I be more cautious?
Should I write things a bit more graciously?
Should I write my blog about the economic crisis? Gun control? Carbon tax? Immigrants? Real things that are happening in the world other than the normal stuff I force people to read?
I seriously considered it but that serious consideration lasted 15 seconds as I don’t know squat about these well known issues. ‘Why is that?’ You may be asking while scratching your head. I should advise you not to do so as it might lead to baldness or just ordinary redness around your scalp which of course would only be an issue if you were bald already and people could see the redness. People can be so unkind. Like, Elisha always points out when I’m red from scratching my neck or something but I think it’s due to jealously because my skin is so porcelain white that I am sometimes mistaken for a doll so the red comes up easily.

So yes I don’t know a whole lot about anything that’s important. Ignorance is bliss, pure and beautiful bliss. It’s not like I’m stupid, I could pick up a paper or watch the news and educate myself on what’s been happening in the world but so far I’m pretty unaffected so why start concerning myself now?

When fuel prices went up when I was younger I didn’t lose my shit. Why? Because I didn’t have my license or a car so why bother getting angry about it? I have applied this method to everything else. I know there will be people out there that would say something like: “it’s people like you with your backward selfish thinking that is making this country what it is!!”
Unfortunately when they say this to me, I don’t have a fucking clue as to what they’re talking about since I don’t pay attention to how Australia is perceived by anyone else.
I like living here and I like that I don’t get shot if I walk into a fast food chain and I like that the society I was raised in didn’t have a single religion that they had to go by for the rest of their lives.

I know there is very little I am in control of. I do know that I’m in control of my life and the choices I make and that’s pretty empowering. I think it’s important to be a bit selfish sometimes, do things that benefit you, stop catering to everyone’s wants and needs.
I have a friend that is so concerned with being the person that everyone else wants her to be that she gets a little bit lost and forgets who she is sometimes. I never want to be like that, I want to know who I am, what I like, what I hate, what I love and what I want. And if turning off the news to read my book makes me a selfish person then that’s okay with me.
Maybe I’ll change my tune if Australia ever gets invaded and I’m running down the street trying to get out of town, wondering what’s happen and everyone else is like “don’t you watch the news?!?!?”. Then I’ll say “why would I watch the news when there is a double episode of Friends on at the same time?!?”
Then maybe someone will ask why I didn’t buy all of Friends on DVD when it was super cheap at Sanity that one time. Then I’ll push them over for reminding me of one of my biggest regrets.


November 8, 2011. Uncategorized.

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