a short story about Aophns the faerie

Once there was a village of faeries that lived at the foot of a volcano. It was called Mt Postitnote.
Volcanoes were always surrounded by a type of magic that faeries sought out. It was a different type of magic that one would find deep in a rain forest and different again that one would find at the bottom of a green, flower filled swamp.
However the faeries at Mt Postitnote lived in bliss as there was plenty of magic floating around the volcano that kept them happy and content throughout the years. Naturally they feared the volcano would erupt one day, as most volcanoes do. They knew that their magic would keep them safe, if they had enough warning of course! For the volcano did not answer to the faeries magic but rather its own special kind of fiery enchantments.

One of the faeries who had only been living in the village for a short time had seen a volcano erupt before. Her name was Aophns. She was caught by surprise and could not use her magic quick enough to stop the flow of lava destroying whatever it came to touch.

She walked far away from that volcano and told herself that she would never go near a volcano again.
Alas, the seduction of Mt Postitnote was too much for Aophns to resist and she rested comfortably in the thrilling haven of Mt Postitnote wondering why on earth she could have thought of living a different way.

Most of the faeries from the village had never seen a volcano erupt, they had only heard whisperings of the warning signs. Even then, they did not dwell on such depressing things, why would they? They were happy and happy faeries do not think of unhappy things!

Aophns however, found herself keeping a look out for the warning signs, she did not want to flee again and she wanted to be stronger and save the village from the blazing devastation.

The other faeries warned Aophns that if she kept placing her negative thoughts out into their universe the volcano would erupt!
Aophns ignored these warnings.

After a while the faeries could not tolerate her negatively and banished her from the village.
“No! I know the warnings! I will know when Mt Postitnote will explode!” she screamed as the faeries performed a spell to make her legs walk another way, away from the village.
“No Aophns, the pessimism your mind is expelling is the real reason the volcano will explode.” The chief told her quietly. “The magic is not working on you and it’s time you leave us be.”

So she left and roamed the world looking for volcanoes.
It wasn’t until she stopped looking for reasons for the volcano to explode that she was allowed to live within the magic again.
The End.


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A few words you will never hear me say

“I’m not one to complain”

“I love Avril’s new song!”

“Do you want to go to the gym?”

“No popcorn for me thanks”

“Tell me more stories about your cat!”

“Let’s go out to Northbridge on Saturday night”

“I hated that episode of Gilmore Girls”

“Of course you can crash on my couch for as long as you need”

“Sure you can have a sip of my coke”

“Let’s swim out so far that our feet can’t touch the ground!”

“Paris doesn’t seem that magical”

“No Daniel/Kasey you don’t have to buy me anything for Christmas this year”

“Don’t worry guys, I’ve got this round”

“I don’t mind walking there”

“A pet penguin would be the worst!”



thank you!

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