How the Spanish voice in my head made me eat Nandos and other various revelations

Good afternoon ardent readers!! (I looked ardent up in the dictionary; I felt that ‘avid’ is overused)

I went to the dentist the other day and let me tell you, it was not fun, I did not like the man whose hand was in my mouth, I did not enjoy paying $300 dollars after being told I would need to return three more times and I especially did not enjoy looking back on my life and seeing the damage I’ve been doing to myself.

Coke everyday
Coffee every morning
Lollies for snacks
Chocolate for dessert
Buying The Hills on DVD

What the hell was I thinking?
I’ll tell you what I’m thinking now and it starts with an F and ends with a UCK

I’m terrified to even look at a can of coke, I haven’t had my usual cup of coffee for the last two days, I’m craving chocolate or snakes for a snack from downstairs but I know I’ll hate myself if I eat it, just like how I hated myself for having ice tea with my Japanese today at lunch.

What am I to do?
Starve myself?
Well maybe! Elisha sent me a photo of a very skinny Miranda Kerr and said “at least you’ll look like this if you cut sugar out” If that’s not motivation then I don’t know what is.
That’s when it sunk in. I’m cutting sugar out of my diet. Really Lisa?
Yes! <–
Brain says whaaat?

I am conflicted. There are two voices in my head right now (three if you count the one speaking Spanish, which I don’t because I don’t speak Spanish) one is telling me to live a better life and cut out all of that crap, I managed to cut out junk food for lunch and dinner, how is this any different? The other voice is telling me that I can’t enjoy life properly without indulging in the things I love.

What if I don’t love these things? What if I eat/drink them because it’s routine? Just like staying friends with someone out of habit instead of necessity (here’s looking at you SMC).
Yeah I was pretty cranky today and yesterday morning without my morning coffee but contrary to popular belief I did make it through the day without falling over, I did manage to do my work without hyperventilating at the thought of water running through my system instead of coke, yes people are driven by caffeine but there are alternatives!

Alternatives? I hear you ask
Yes zealous readers, caffeine does not only come in the form of a streaming Styrofoam cup of deliciousness or an icy can of perfection.
Tea! The goodness of tea is widely publicized yet nobody pays attention to the benefits of it.
Sean’s nan bought us the best kettle I’ve ever seen. Apart from my juicer & blender it’s my favorite kitchen appliance. It boils to different temperatures for different types of tea. It’s like the kettle was sent to us for a reason! It’s like the universe knew that one day I would reject the poisons of coffee & coke and had the kettle waiting patiently for me to stop using it to boil water to put in the sink and also those instant noodles I’m so fond of eating during my “lazy nights”.

In some ways, you could say that my kettle is like the Travelling Pants, waiting for someone to use up some of it’s magic to make boys fall in love with them. Maybe Sean will fall in love with me all over again now that I’m so wise and using my kettle to brew tea. I’m sorry, our kettle in our apartment. I have trouble sharing, especially my kettle.

So tea instead of coffee is great! But I’m really starting to get into Java Juice. Purely because I detest using my own blender in the morning because it’s so freaking loud!
I lied to you now fervent readers. I don’t use my own powerful juicer & blender at home in the morning because it messes with my routine which I have perfected over the last three months. My routine is this:
– Hit snooze until 6.17
– Get out of the shower at 6.30 and brush my teeth
– Blow dry my hair until 6.55
– Make up at 7.00
– Choose something to wear that is both flattering and clean
– 7.10 mad dash to the bus stop because as it turns out I DID look flattering in my outfit so I had to admire myself for some time before I realized I have to leave the house

One could assume that if I were to get up a tad earlier and make the juice BEFORE I had a shower then it would be smooth sailing but like I said, I like my routine as it is and I am so lazy when it comes to getting out of bed, thank god I have Sean to drag me out of bed by my ankles on Saturday mornings or else I would sleep all day.

This is completely off topic and I’m sorry I haven’t deleted that part but I’m just trying to give you insight as to why I go to Java Juice. More often than not I leave Java Juice feeling disappointed not only in the juice but in myself because I can make a bitchin juice/smoothie and if there were a juice/smoothie competition between me and the 15 year olds that work at those juice bars I would totally win. Some days I miss Enerjoost, hence the disappointment in myself. The disappointment in the juice comes from the juice being not as good as mine. It’s a vicious cycle but I’m digging all of the calcium I’ve been drinking up!

ANYWAY. Juices & smoothies will replenish my need for caffeine.
(Back on topic, way to go Lisa!)
Thanks brain!

So I’ll see how this goes for a while. Hopefully I can abstain from these things that are ruining my teeth/life. Cutting out maccas was easy! Sean & I currently have no gas in our kitchen so cooking has become a challenge but I haven’t taken the easy way out and bought a quarter pounder meal.
No no fanatical readers, I took the high road and paid $20 for Nandos instead. It was a weak moment I know…but i had to do something to make the Spanish voice in my head shut up. *Please note, yes I do know Nando’s is Portulgese

Hopefully cutting out coke & coffee will be okay too, now that I’ve had a strange man tapping my teeth telling me that I can either get one of my front ones pulled out or hand over $600 bucks to fix it I’m not so keen on sugar.

Maybe I can research healthier alternatives for all of the bad things I’ve become so accustomed to. I remember in year three we all had to write a list of things we NEEDED and things we WANTED, it really opened my eyes to what was important. I didn’t take it seriously afterwards when the teacher told me my Human Nature CDs weren’t a necessity. What did she know? I threw my list away and never looked back! That’s why I’m looking at a $1,000 dental bill because I didn’t take my wellbeing into careful consideration, I didn’t think of what my body actually needs. I’m not a kid anymore, if I eat crap I will get fat, if I don’t take care of myself I will get sick, if I drink coke every day my teeth will fall out.

Alas life has thrown me another curve ball, with this comes a new lesson about life, love and growing up. Yes that’s right, my life is somewhat identical to the Gilmore Girls.
Looks like dreams CAN come true!!


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