Food – Momentum – Wealth

Before I conduct this little segment I think a little Lisa History is in order so all of my passionate readers out there can understand how I know of such things.
I also apologise for how long I go on. In all of my years of grand story telling I have never possessed the skill to condense my words to shorten/get to the point of my little rants.

I’ve been living out of home for a while now. I first moved out when I was 17 to live in Perth and ate maccas and sushi for 9 months. Then I lived by myself for three months and ate pizza once a week (usually on payday) and rice the other 6 days of the week until my next pay. Uni student I hear you ask? No, I had extremely poor money management skills, severe laziness & basically I had zero common sense when it came to cooking. Despite my mothers best efforts, I rarely opened the many cook books she had bought for me. Sorry mum if you’re reading.
After my experiment of living in the city failed, I shamefully returned home to Kalgoorlie in my parent’s house with my tail between my legs. Although thoroughly enjoying having three meals a day again I accepted my besties invitation to move in with her with no hesitation and lived with her for 8 months. Having the freedom to eat whatever I wanted again I ‘treated’ myself to maccas, KFC, subway & Hj’s almost every day, a lethargic persons ultimate dream.

After moving back to Perth in May 2010 I was back to my maccas/sushi combo, lovin/hatin life. I have continued to eat like this up until June 2011. I’m currently at my heaviest at 65kilos. I feel like it’s important to mention my weight because I’m actually ashamed of it and lying about it just proves that if I feel like I have to hide it then there is something wrong with it. So I’m making a conscious effort to eat better and this coming Saturday I’m buying a bike for exercise purposes (and also, how fun is it to cycle?!?!!?).

FACT! Eating foods high in trans-fats increase the risk of depression. To find out the hows and why’s of this statement, Google it, it’s everywhere and if we have learnt anything from our years of ‘surfin’ the net’ it’s that we all place our trust in Google. Apart from the usual things that cause depression such as; genes, pot & families falling apart, eating processed foods is right there in the top 5.
Unbelievable! Who knew?
Google knew.

Naturally the first thing to go was the copious amounts of junk food. I am happy to report that Sean and I haven’t eaten maccas since we moved in together (actually I cannot confirm Sean’s diet because something tells me he would be frightened to tell me if he had in fact eaten McDonalds behind my back). However, we have eaten pizza but that’s different because if you’re having a movie marathon on a rainy Saturday night pizza is almost a prerequisite.

Deciding to cut pasta out was like Sophie’s choice but after numerous Pro/Con lists we both decided we’re better off without it for a few weeks. Yes a few weeks, not forever. It’s too good to give up forever and an important aspect of dieting is to never deny your bodies wants for too long.

My friend, for the purpose of this exerceise we’ll call her *Kendall, was dieting before her sisters’ wedding and she would always turn down my invitation to buy her a magnum ego and it literally drove her crazy and some days made her a little unhappy. I think a positive attitude is a necessity when trying to lose weight because if you’re approaching it negatively and you don’t get the results you want straight away most of us tend to give it up, telling ourselves hysterically that it’s not working and “I’m just stupid for thinking I’d ever be thin!!”
*Please note that *Kendall never cried hysterically about how she looked, although she did cry when we watched Man on the Moon, I believe this was a direct result of what happens to a person when they deny themselves a magnum ego for three months straight.

So now that I’ve gotten into the habit of eating better food & I am taking positive strides towards exercising (I say strides but I mean baby steps) I feel that soon I will have the body of Natalie Portman with biking-strengthened-thighs that I will not be ashamed to exposed come summer time.

As Paris Gellar once said “I can scare the stupid out of people but the lazy runs deep”
Yes you psychopath laziness does run deep.
Let me paint a dull and lifeless picture of what my weekends once were: Get out of bed at lunch time Eat something gross Watch TV for 4 hours straight Shower eventually Go drink some vodka until I fall over -Sunday Throw up just after the sun had risen. Sulk in bed all day about how much I hated myself for drinking.
It took a lot to get me motivated, even after moving to Perth the second time I just sat around eating junk food and watching TV, feeling sorry for myself, until someone invited me out to get drunk. I always thought that ‘doing something’ meant spending the money I didn’t have but as it turns out just going outside for a few hours has put colour back in my cheeks and I’m ashamed to say …a bounce in my step. I am no Tiger but I’m not Eyore anymore either.
I should have known from a young age that I was destined to be moody and tedious since I loved Eyore the most and sometimes wished they would get rid of Tiger’s character similar to how they got rid of people on Home & Away.

Happiness is something that one must acquire on their own and they should never rely solely on other people to make them feel better. Friends are here to support, not to take on every burden that’s on your shoulders and carry it along with theirs like it’s nothing. I watched How I Met Your Mother the other night and Ted was talking about how EVERYONE has baggage and maybe it’s not such a bad thing to let people know what your issues are because repression is unhealthy. However, there comes a time in everyone’s life when they themselves must learn to battle their own demons and basically sort out their own shit. I am guilty of over sharing and handing out my burdens to my friends like they are candy. It’s a selfish flaw and one that I hope one day I’ll be entirely rid of.
Kendal said it best when she snapped at me after a long pity party for one “no one will like you until you like yourself!”
Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants also said it best: Love your sisters, love yourself.
To my point, which has been lost in amongst movie quotes and personal antic dotes. It’s pretty simple really and I hate that it’s taken me so long to figure this out. If you’re unhappy in your day to day life then do something else. The universe is not conspiring against you. If you hate your job, get a new one, if your friends make you feel like crap, hang out with better people, if you’re bored, go for a walk, if you think you’re fat, exercise, if you hate your hair, cut it off, if no one wants to date/hang out with you maybe it’s because you’re too busy moaning about how crap your life is instead of appreciating what you already have.
And if you’re reading this and thinking “this bitch has no idea what I’ve been through! Fuck her” well fuck you too, go write in your diary about how deeply misunderstood you are.

On to my final subject for the day, one that I have the ultimate love/hate relationship with and no I’m not talking about Lindsay Lohan (I truly believe she’ll make a comeback) Money. We love it, we resent it but mostly we wish we had more of it. As of this pay day I’m changing the way I do things but mostly cutting back on food shopping which seems to eat up a LOT of my pay and also finding cheaper but nice places to eat out, just because I’m saving up to go to America next year doesn’t mean I’m going to confine myself to my apartment until I have $10,000 stored safely away.
I’ll keep ya’ll updated.
I’ve got the common sense in the kitchen down, I’m motivated and now I’m on my way to having a decent savings account.
Yay me!!


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